Friday, July 20, 2007

Garrett, the Big Spender

OK, that's a joke.

Actually, our Representative Scott Garrett got a pretty good amendment through yesterday. He secured an extra $20 million for cancer and autism research ($10 million each), while eliminating $49 million from a program being phased out that for some reason was still in the budget. Garrett's been criticized in the past for his lack of effort when it came to the autism community, so this is a nice olive branch.

One thing that seemed a little odd was how flippantly the amendment was accepted. I have a lot of respect for Representative Dave Obey, Chair of the Appropriations Committee, largely because he'll put his foot down and yank earmarks from bills if people are being less than productive in their discussion. However, here's what he said regarding the amendment offered before Garrett's and of Garrett's:
Mr. Chairman, because we are trying to get Members out of here for their planes, I would be happy to accept the gentleman’s amendment.


Again, the same deal, if we accept the amendment. We are trying to help get Members out of here.

Good for Garrett on the amendment and hopefully everybody had a nice flight home.

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