Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Garrett vs. Housing & Fiscal Responsibility

Today, Representative Scott Garrett joined 49 other Representatives in opposing two Federal programs that enable rural working families to obtain a piece of the American Dream: home ownership. He was the only Representative from New Jersey to vote against the Housing Assistance Council authorization and against the Rural Housing and Economic Development Act.

In joining only 12% of voting members opposed to these programs, Garrett stood against working families and rural communities that need a hand up. During my non-profit experience I came in contact with both of these programs; the expertise they offer and seed money they provide enables a great return on the taxpayer's dollar through stronger communities and families.

The fact Garrett would vote to uphold $19 billion in corporate welfare, yet he would vote against a combined $45 million going toward strengthening communities so that they will be less dependent on federal aid is ridiculous. Garrett may claim to be a fiscal conservative, and win the awards from the anti-tax crowd; but when he votes against programs that lead to self-sufficiency, stronger communities, and less reliance on the federal government you have to wonder if he has any foresight whatsoever.

Let's be realistic; there will always be Americans who need help. However, in many cases they simply need a hand-up instead of a hand out. By opposing these hand-up programs, Garrett is supporting the perpetual taxpayer funded hand-out by default. How is that being fiscally responsible?

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