Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Drafting Garrett for Senate

A Facebook Group entitled Scott Garrett For U.S. Senate is attempting to draft our Representative Scott Garrett to enter the race against Senator Frank Lautenberg next year.

Here's the group's description:

This group is to help spread the word of Congressman E.Scott Garrett. By Human Events' standards he is the second most Conservative congressman in D.C. New Jersey is going to elect a senator next year, lets work together and persuade Garrett to run and rehabilitate NJ's image.

If 2,000 people(from jersey) join this group I think it would be enough to get Garrett in on the race.

With no one lighting the Republican base on fire, it could be possible when you consider: Garrett's ahead of schedule fundraising; Garrett's activity on national blogs like Human Events and Townhall reaching out to the national (fundraising) base; and Garrett's switching from an interpretive to a partisan spin oriented press practice*.

Well, if voters ever wanted contrast, Garrett vs. Lautenberg would provide it. I doubt Garrett's going to go for it, but for conservatives of his stripe there is no one with more name recognition in New Jersey, except maybe Steve Lonegan. However, Garrett's always seemed to be a smart politician, and he has to realize a statewide race has an outstanding chance of ending his political career.

Who knows. It would definitely be interesting to watch.

Update: Who knows, with 1 in 4 people from New Jersey thinking Lautenberg is too old Garrett may have a shot.

*I do say that last point with a straight face. Last year, Garrett was interpreting the facts through a very conservative lens, but unlike his latest article regarding SCHIP, he wasn't lying about stuff.

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