Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ferriero's Dare...Any Takers?

After Tuesday's story by Charles Stile about the BCDO planning to sue to eliminate pay-to-play restrictions, State Senator Loretta Weinberg fired off a letter challenging Papa Joe Ferriero's ability to do this without the consent of the other leadership of the BCDO. Stile had his own follow-up column on the subject today, where Papa Joe had this to say:

"It's an absolute absurd assertion to say that because people contribute to an election that it increases the costs,'' Ferriero said. "And I would defy anyone to prove that."
Anyone? Am I anyone? Are you anyone?

I'm not sure if Papa Joe was talking strictly about Bergen County or not, but there is plenty of evidence where the politically connected donor has padded a no-bid government contract at taxpayer expense. We'll give Ferriero the benefit of the doubt that he hasn't read any of the GAO reports on Iraq or Katrina, but those are a good place to start.

I won't have time to compile those this weekend, maybe someone else will, but I know the evidence is out there. If he's strictly talking about Bergen County, I've already raised some questions about the no-bids.

I'm sure with the time I could find more, but I simply don't have it right now. Hopefully, the Record will take Papa Joe up on his dare. Or someone. It's this sort of sheer arrogance that brought down Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff. Time will tell if Papa Joe will suffer the same fate.

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