Monday, August 6, 2007

"The Record" Makes Misrepresentation "Fact"

Well, our Representative Scott Garrett's false positioning of himself on the fight over the FAA proposal has found its way into the main stream media. Today, The Record covered the on-going fight. Garrett has taken credit for Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen's amendment, and in turn the Record gave him credit for it.
The congressman introduced an amendment last week to the 2008 funding bill for all Transportation Department agencies that would have barred the FAA from using any funds to execute its airspace plan.
Except that he didn't. The Record going along with Garrett's deliberate misrepresentation of the truth is disappointing.

I don't discount Garrett's role in fighting against the FAA on this; he's been involved along with others and it's a fight I hope our community can win. I wouldn't even mention it in a negative context if he wasn't trying to play on people's emotions for his own personal gain.

However, by taking sole credit for efforts to stop the redesign of the airspace that's exactly what he's doing. Receiving such credit by the largest paper in the District is equally wrong.

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