Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Reform Quote of the Day

This from Senator Barak Obama, as reported by the AP:
"Part of the problem here is not just George Bush and the White House," Obama told a crowd of hundreds gathered at a park in Cedar Falls. "We can't just change political parties and continue to do the same kind of things we've been doing. We can't just go about business as usual and think it's going to turn out differently."
Amen to that.

We need reform in politics badly. The corruption and no-bid contracting running rampant in Washington under the Republicans over the last few years has been mirrored by pay-to-play and corruption in Hackensack by the Democrats. Corruption seems to be a truly bi-partisan problem, and candidates need to address the issue in a substantive manner.

Among the "top" candidates:

You can read Obama's plan for reforming government.

John McCain has always been solid about reform, and here's his plan.

Hillary has a plan as well.

Rudy Giuliani has made reform part of his pledge to voters, but hasn't released his plan yet.

I looked through the key issues sections of each, and was disappointed to see that neither John Edwards nor Mitt Romney have presented a plan, an outline, or even listed reform as a priority.

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