Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Websites of Interest

Update: best4bergen.org is back up.

Well, a number of new websites have come to my attention related to our District.

First, Camille Abate has a new website for her 2008 bid to be the Democratic Party nominee to take on Representative Scott Garrett. It's complete with blog and upcoming events sections. With several fundraisers planned for this fall, Abate seem to be working to widen her lead in cash on hand over 2006 challenger Paul Aronsohn.

Aronsohn hasn't updated his website in about a month, despite still generating interest in a rematch.

The Bergen County Republican Organization has a new site (h/t Red Jersey), less than a month after new Chairman Rob Ortiz pledged to make better use of technology. It is a really good site, although having a little more info on the candidates would be beneficial to voters.

In related news, it seems the website that had be running for the Bergen County Republican slate of candidates (best4bergen.org) has been taken off-line.

And, when seeing if Steve Oroho had finally gotten his website up and running for his bid for to represent the 24th District in the State Senate, you get the most basic of welcome messages. This is a bit behind his opponent Ed Selby.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice comments about Camille Abate's new website and blog pages. You can even use RSS to get new postings automatically! (she has been posting her thoughts on various topics important to the 5th District and to all citizens on a fairly regular basis.)

Btw, Matt, the little Blogger: window that comes up to post comments to your items is very small (and not stretchable) in Ms Explorer, and unusable (because it doesn't show the image that has to be typed in) in Firefox...

Another btw... for the past year (I think it's that long) Camille's Justice for All Institute has been running informational and discussion meetings on some very important topics for NJ, but for all the effort she puts into them there has been only a dozen or two people show up (at least at the ones I've been able to attend)... the previous and upcoming topics can be seen at http://caja-institute.com/node/11 and also at http://localpolitics.meetup.com/98/

It's a shame more people haven't benefited from her efforts.

rmfretz said...

Thanks for the comment. I'm not sure what I can do to change the comment box, but I'll look into it. I hadn't had that problem with Firefox when I was using it, but I'll see what the good people at Google can tell me.