Sunday, August 26, 2007

Stem Cells Regrow Heart Muscle

Scientists at the University of Washington have used human embryonic stem cells to regrow rat heart tissue. This is an area where adult stem cells have failed completely. It's a great article to read, outlining the challenges they've previously dealt with and how they've overcome them.

If they could perfect this procedure, it might find another purpose for the 400,000 or so frozen embryos that are not adopted won't be thawed and tossed. However, even if that won't work due to political considerations, the interesting thing is that the scientists were able to pull this off with one of the "presidential line" of cells.


Trenton Rising said...

I firmly believe that it will be the next generation of leadership that will make the bold move of fully funding science initiaves in this nation. The leadership (across parties) has not done a good enough job of keeping the average citizen informed of the benefits of technology and science in our every day life, aside from the personal computer, we are almost totally removed in understanding and appreciating the value of technological and scientific innovation. I believe this tide will turn though.

rmfretz said...

I completely agree.