Friday, September 21, 2007

Garrett: Housing Market is Good

Representative Scott Garrett and Representative Paul Hodes appeared on C-SPAN yesterday for nearly an hour. Among many points: Garrett said he believes the overall housing market is in good shape (you have to see it to believe it); said he supports the PAYGO rules he voted against; and stared a hole in his notepad while being asked and then completely dodged a question at the end about the fairness of non-working people making $9 million a year from trusts being taxed at 15%.

For perspective on that last one, the median household income in our District is $84,443, putting those households in the 28% tax bracket. With the disproportionate amount of families within our District paying the AMT, that number does not drop off due to deductions.

For those not having time to watch the show (here's the link again), or the inclination, the folks over at Red Jersey have started their own video channel on YouTube. Their first Garrett video has him talking about Iraq, partisanship, No Child Left Behind and the fact he doesn't want Bush to campaign for him next year.

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David - Ho-Ho-Kus said...

I noted your previous post on Garrett's SCHIP position... UGH. Thought you and readers would like to see FACTCHECK.ORG's latest on this: Headline -- Bush's False Claims on Children's Health Insurance.
Assuming Scott's reading from the same page as the Pres, he must be using false claims, too.