Monday, September 17, 2007

Update on the Campaigns

For the Democratic nomination to take on Representative Scott Garrett:
  • Camille Abate opened her office in Glen Rock on Sunday. She has pictures up on the blog and sounds like she had a good crowd.
  • Dennis Shulman has his website up, and to the individual who asked if anyone knew his stances on the issues, his positions are there.
The State House races:
  • 24th Legislative District -Republican State Senate Candidate, Freeholder Steve Oroho is the first to reach the threshold of $10 donations to qualify for maximum financing as part of the Clean Elections program. According to the New Jersey Herald, here's how the rest of the field shakes out: Assemblywoman Allison Littel McHose, $6,000; Freeholder Gary Chiusano, $6,790; Ed Selby, $5,130; Toni Zimmer, $4,940; and Pat Walsh, $4,730.
  • 38th Legislative District - The BCDO has picked Assemblyman Bob Gordon to run for Joseph Coniglio's State Senate seat, and Freeholder Connie Wagner to go for Gordon's vacated position on the ballot. It never ceases to amaze me that in New Jersey it doesn't seem to matter who wins the primary. Former Attorney General John Ashcroft had to run for Senate, and lose, against a dead man; yet here in New Jersey we can replace people six weeks before the election.
Campaign links coming soon: I'll be putting up links to all the campaigns that I know of in the near future. I'm a little behind in this, but it will be done shortly.

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