Friday, September 28, 2007

Garrett's Chance Not to Be A Hypocrite

Representative Frank Pallone of NJ has thrown down the gauntlet to Republicans, including our own Representative Scott Garrett, to ensure they hold Rush Limbaugh to the same standard as (h/t BlueJersey).

After's ad attacking General David Patreaus, Garrett said to My9 News that the ad was "disgusting," saying it was wrong that our General with the boots on the ground was being called a traitor.

Well, now Rush Limbaugh has called those "boots on the ground" who come forward calling for a change of direction or withdrawal "phony soldiers." This blanket statement from the conservative mouthpiece who has been called a "big fat idiot" in the past, would therefore include the members of the 10th Mountain Division planning on protesting in Syracuse tomorrow (Saturday). This proud Division has been involved since the beginning, and currently have 7,500 of their brothers and sisters serving in Iraq.

So that the "Limbaugh is being taken out of context" argument is not perpetuated here, this is a transcript of the conversation. You can listen to it here:

LIMBAUGH: There's a lot more than that that they don't understand. They can't even -- if -- the next guy that calls here, I'm gonna ask him: Why should we pull -- what is the imperative for pulling out? What's in it for the United States to pull out? They can't -- I don't think they have an answer for that other than, "Well, we just gotta bring the troops home."

CALLER 2: Yeah, and, you know what --

LIMBAUGH: "Save the -- keep the troops safe" or whatever. I -- it's not possible, intellectually, to follow these people.

CALLER 2: No, it's not, and what's really funny is, they never talk to real soldiers. They like to pull these soldiers that come up out of the blue and talk to the media.

LIMBAUGH: The phony soldiers.

CALLER 2: The phony soldiers. If you talk to a real soldier, they are proud to serve. They want to be over in Iraq. They understand their sacrifice, and they're willing to sacrifice for their country.

LIMBAUGH: They joined to be in Iraq. They joined --

CALLER 2: A lot of them -- the new kids, yeah.

LIMBAUGH: Well, you know where you're going these days, the last four years, if you signed up. The odds are you're going there or Afghanistan or somewhere.

CALLER 2: Exactly, sir.

As soon as I see public comments from Garrett I'll post them.

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