Monday, September 10, 2007

What About the Interest?

One of the things I often wonder is what happens to the interest accumulated by campaign accounts stuffed with tainted cash. When Jack Abramoff's millions were returned by most, it seemed only the actual donations were returned. Now, Senator Hillary Clinton's campaign is returning $850,000 in tainted campaign cash from Norman Hsu.

What about the interest?

Not being certain of when the cash was received, it's tough to say how much they made. However, let's say they had it all. According to, the average return on a one month CD is 2.4%. That means another $20,400, on average, of tainted money. If they have better than average financial managers and got on the high end of the CD market, it's not beyond belief they could have gotten one of the 5.25% CDs, grossing $44,625 in tainted interest.

However, if the 260 donations the Clinton Campaign have identified were received around the same time as those the Wall Street Journal found; the campaign could easily have topped $100,000 in tainted interest by now.

So, what happens to that?

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