Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Garrett Signs "Bring Our Troops Home" Letter

The Hill is reporting Representative Scott Garrett has signed on to a letter calling for a bi-partisan "post surge strategy." This is a big change for Garrett, and a step in the right direction.

From the Hill:
“It is absolutely crucial that we stabilize Iraq and transition the combat mission to the Iraqis,” the letter read. “Any future legislative proposals considered in the House must reflect a bipartisan approach to this conflict … We ask that you join us in committing to a truly bipartisan dialogue on this issue immediately.”


The lawmakers expressed hope that the much-anticipated Iraq report — due next week by the White House and prepared by Gen. David Petraeus — yields good news for the region. But they also noted “we should not wait any longer to come together in support of a responsible post-surge strategy to safely bring our troops home to their families.”
This move by Garrett is significant in the sense it is a complete reversal of his previous statements about the War. Previously, Garrett has supported the President as the decision maker, and argued against Congress legislating anything with regard to the war planning. Garrett also isn't known for bi-partisanship, with one of the highest party line voting records in Congress.

I still maintain that votes speak louder than words, so we'll have to see what the House comes up with and whether or not Garrett votes for it. However, as Whip of the conservative Republican Study Caucus, Garrett has now given political cover for his allies to start talking compromise. That in and of itself is huge.

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