Thursday, September 20, 2007

Official What Squad Returns

Representative Scott Garrett returned to the House floor earlier this week for another installment of the the Official What Squad. He and Representative Price seem to be the only members of this crew, and what they say often isn't true.

This week, they were discussing spending by the Democrats. Garrett said the following:
If you additionally listened to the other side, they will talk about and applaud themselves and pat themselves on the back about PAYGO, which you have already discussed, which is a good term described in a very elementary way to say pay-as-you-go, something that all families have to do in this country, and we wish Congress could live by that as well.

Now, as readers know, Garrett voted against re-instating PAYGO. He has also voted against bills that used PAYGO principles to cut corporate welfare to pay for new programing. Once again, the Official What Squad misrepresents the truth of their actions and the outcomes.

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