Thursday, September 13, 2007

Shulman Seems to Make it Official

Well, since Monday, it seems Rabbi Dennis Shulman has gone from exploratory committee to full fledged candidate. He's seeking the Democratic nomination to take on Representative Scott Garrett. While his website isn't finished yet, he does have an Act Blue page up and running, where he also placed his statement of candidacy. He's raised over $2,000 the last few days.


Anonymous said...

Garrett is vulnerable and Shulman is the man to beat him. A true progressive with the respect of the community and standing to get his message out. He has my support!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know any of his issues?

rmfretz said...

Herb Jackson put up a piece on his blog. It sounds like Charles Stile over at the Record will have something soon. Plus the website should be coming.